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Nitrogenous Fertilizer

OAN INDUSTRY uses Neem oil can be used as a natural lubricant in a variety of industrial applications.  We also use neem oil sometimes added to animal feed as a natural supplement to improve the health and well-being of livestock. With the increasing cost of Urea production, it is becoming important to save and judiciously use every part of the urea prill. “Nitrogen from Urea is released in the soil and leached by the activity of nitrifying bacteria Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas. These bacterias turn nitrogen in nitrite and then into nitrate which is highly mobile in nature when present in the soil. By these processes, approximate 50% to 65% of nitrogen provided by urea is lost. A solution to this problem of nitrogen loss from urea is to coat the area with “OAN NML”.OAN INDUSTRY  use of neem oil in OUR chemical industry has increased in recent years due to its natural origin and the wide range of benefits it offers

Advantages of Neem OIL:

  • Slows down the process of nitrification of urea.
  • Enhances the yield by 48%.
  • Decreases urea requirement, hence economical.
  • Neem OIL urea affects the slow release of nitrogen during the critical phases of growth.
  • Controls nematodes, termites, pests and insects.
  • Excellent soil conditioner and Natural Bio Pesticides.
  • Environmental Friendly and Non-Toxic.
  • Reduces Urea Consumption.
  • Convenient and easy to apply.
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