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Mining collectors are chemicals that are used for the separation of minerals from their ores. The mining collectors are usually added in froth flotation process for separating minerals from the gangue owing to the difference in their hydrophobicity. The selective separation is a complex process, thus adding mining reagents makes the process economically viable. Due to depleting high quality reserves across the globe, mining industry has witnessed relatively lower productivity and yield.

Thus, there has been a rising demand for Mining collectors in general and mining collectors, in particular for exaction of minerals from ores with lower mineral content. Collectors are reagents that are used for selective adsorbtion onto the surface of particles. The Mining collectors work by increasing the contact angle so that the particles adhere to the surface. The collectors can either form a chemical bond (chemisorption) or be held over the surface by physical force (physical adsorption). The function of collectors in flotation is to increase the floatability of minerals in order to affect their separation from the undesirable Mining fraction.


  • Custom-formulated for specific ore bodies and processes.
  • High selectivity leading to significantly improved grade and recovery.
  • Lower dose required.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Temperature insensitive.
  • Environmentally friendly.
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