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A mining and mineral processing Defoamer or Anti-foaming agent is a chemical additive that can prevent, reduce, and break or remove foam and entrained gases in slurry handling equipment. In mineral processing, too much foam can cause mineral losses as storage vessels foam over and equipment fills with foam, causing operational bottlenecks and slowing down mineral collection rates.
Mineral processes typically encounter three types of foam challenges:
1. Dissolved air in the aqueous phase.
2. Entrained air bubbles that are small enough and stable enough to be suspended in the slurry media.
3. Bubbles that have sufficient buoyancy and stability to rise to the surface, and collect on top of the mineral slurry as foam.
OAN formulates and manufactures customized defoamers for specific ore bodies, equipment types, and flotation process conditions to beneficiate oxide ores such as phosphate and industrial minerals.


  • Precise control of froth and bubble nature, froth modification.
  • Improved mineral and slurry handling.
  • Less entrained gases and cavitation.
  • Fewer plant foam-overs and reduced product losses.
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