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OAN Industries is continuously developing its product portfolio, technology, considering environmental protection and energy-efficiency. It possesses well-equipped, state-of-the-art, audited laboratory, where quality control of production and R&D tests are established. The in-process quality control on a continuous basis is carried out by Quality Control Chemists under supervision of a Quality Control Manager. The process parameters and specifications are laid out in such a way that these meet the stringent requirements.

OAN Products has a quality assurance laboratory at its disposal for quality checks of input raw material as also the final product. OAN Products will be able to guide the user industry in selecting a product from its range for the desired application along with guidelines for method of application and testing of the efficacy of the products.

We make creative solutions.

It is the policy of OAN Industries to provide its customers with the highest quality services. The pursuit of quality, and its improvement, is a continuous process with measurable objectives. Each employee must be aware of, committed to, and actively involved in the quality improvement process.

The OAN Quality System is a valuable tool in implementing our Quality Policy and consistently improving the quality of services provided to our customers. OAN Industries Quality System is compliant with the recognized quality system standards for the various industries for which we perform testing and inspection. Testing and inspection services provided by OAN within our Quality System meet the requirements of the following ISO 9001:2015 standards.

The company also worked out a new strategy for the preparing of a surpassing product range with additional values and for expanding of test methods and development activities.

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