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Fertilizer additives are used to improve the quality and stability of the fertilizer. It is also used to prevent the loss of nutrients like phosphorus, sulfur, nitrogen, and potassium from the soil and environment. We have been working closely with Fertilizer Companies to develop a range of fertilizer additives aimed at improving performance, properties and productivity of various processes involved in fertilizer manufacturing. Thus over the years we have developed a level of expertise and understanding in providing efficient solutions and improvements to companies in the Fertilizer industry. Poor storage conditions or storage without proper treatment results in the formation of clumps or powders and insufficient granulation leading to yield losses. To overcome this problem we have designed coating agents. Anticaking Agents is the most important function of fertilizer additives. This function is of particular importance during storage of fertilizers.

Anti-dusting was another essential function performed by additives. Dust accumulation can result in loss of nutrients in fertilizers, affecting its quality and effectiveness to overcome this problem OAN Industry has designed Antidusting agents which helps in dust reduction generate during transportation and storage. Also, flaking and dusting problems of fertilizers can be overcome by using additives. In the process of manufacture of Phosphatic and complex fertilizers like Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), NP and NPK type of fertilizers there is copious foaming taking place, which needs to be quelled.

OAN Industries provide a wide range of Antifoaming agents/Defoamer which are highly effective and also cost efficient. Granulation aids are used to improve the granule size and improve granule strength, decrease rework, and improve productivity. Colouring agents help make them more presentable and appealing and sometimes distinguish between different fertilizers. The reasons for adding colouring agents to the fertilizers could be related to brand image formation, technical properties, cosmetic qualities, homogeneity in colour, colour coding of grades, etc.

OAN Industries provides a wide range of colouring agents. Micronutrients promote essential plant processes and growth, which translates into nutrient- rich food for animals and humans. Micronutrients include boron, chlorine, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc, which are often in short supply for growing crops. OAN Industries provide Micronutrient Binder for fertilizer, they are designed as per the requirement of customers. It has to be coated on the fertilizer granules.

Neem Oil has proven Nitrification inhibition properties and hence slows down the release of nitrogen from urea and makes available nitrogen over a longer period with minimum loss of nitrogen thereby increasing nitrogen use efficiency. Neem coated urea due to coating of neem oil, restrict the action of friction of urea prills and hence reduces formation of powder which adds to increase the Nitrogen use efficiency.


  • Long storage time
  • No lumps formation
  • Reduced dust formation
  • Uniform application of treated fertilizer
  • Regulated release of fertilizer’s nutrients
  • Avoids washing out of fertilizer salts
  • Beneficial effect on plant growth
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