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We are the leading manufacturer of varied products for Specialty Chemicals for Improving the Quality of Fertilizers, the Mining Industry, and Phosphoric Acid Production. Whether you’re looking for a natural, plant-based solution or a more traditional synthetic option, we have a product that’s right for you.

OAN Industries is an ISO Certified 9001:2015 company. Offering a Vast range of product portfolio on Fertilizer additives for Improving Quality of Fertilizers. And addressing the challenges faced by fertilizer manufacturers across the globe. Being also driven and experienced, we aid with our product offerings catering to Mining Industry. Conglomerate through our services, OAN Industries also addresses Phosphoric Acid Production and the operational problems faced by the industry. Encompassing through our proprietary formulations and robust knowledge in chemistry, we are equipped with the germane machineries and technologies to address your most challenging concerns through our approach with customized solutions in solving your problems with ease to help you attain your goals and enhanced efficiency to your products, processes, and plants through our products.

We remain stringent to our quality protocols adhered throughout our processes and it has helped us maintain the sustainability we are operating globally with our lasting business dynamics and relationship we have been able to manifest with the trust in us by industry personnel. We heartly welcome to our association and solutions we are always willing to act on by exchanging the learnings together.


Anticaking Agent

An anticaking agent is an additive placed in powdered or granulated materials to prevent the formation of lumps (caking) and for easing packaging, transport, flowability, and consumption. Caking mechanisms depend on the nature of the material. To Keep Fertilizer free flowing we offer a wide range of Anticaking Agents for UREA, DAP, CAN, AN,AS, ANP, NPK and other phosphatic/complex fertilizers.

Antidusting Agent

Dry fertilizers are inherently dusty products. During fertilizer production, storage, transport and use there is often significant generation of dust as particles degrade. Dust control are an important factor in meeting both environment and health and safety requirement, helping and protecting employees and reducing site emissions. OAN offers wide range of Anti-dusting Agent to overcome the problem of dust generation in plants while production & transferring the fertilizers.

Colouring Agent

Our Colouring Agents are a unique package for the fertilizer manufacturer as these impart colour to the fertilizer as desired by the manufacturer. It is implemented to improve the marketability of fertilizers. OAN Industries also provide anticaking cum colouring agent which also contribute colouring and caking control, can be customized to impart colour to the surface of the substrate.

Antifoaming Agent/Defoamer

In the process of manufacture of Phosphoric Acid, Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), NP and NPK type of fertilizers there is copious foaming taking place, which needs to be quelled. OAN Industries provides Various types of Antifoaming Agents (Defoamers) are used for tackling this problem in the fertilizer industry as well as other industries like pulp & paper, textile etc.


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Manufacturer – We (OAN Industries Pvt. Ltd.) is assisting fertilizer manufacturers since 2000. A vast experience of supplying additives for the last 10 years in itself has made us a trusted preference globally.

Well-Equipped Plant – Unlike many other additive manufacturers we see, we don’t integrate or remain dependent on other parties for production. As we have a well-equipped plant owned by the company with all the facilities to conduct our operations, we remain self-governing to provide a vast product range and deliveries on time holding the largest plant in India in our streamline. 

R&D – An extensive and experienced team in Research & Development being our In-house capability has given us an edge over other competitors to us as our R&D team’s vast knowledge and practices aid the company to be acute on product quality and allow us to extend our product offering as required by each manufacturer as required.

Customization – We specifically alter and cater the additives & specialty chemicals products as offered under the umbrella of OAN Industries Pvt. Ltd. based on individual client requirements.

Pricing – We are independent in our production capacity, holding a strong R&D background, we are extremely competitive in providing a conservative cost when compared to other manufacturers.

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