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This type of Anticaking Agent is a mixture of surfactant and coating agents specially designed for Water Soluble Fertilizers and Other Inorganic Salts. In our chemical fertilizer company, the anticaking agent is typically added to the fertilizer during the manufacturing process. The appropriate amount of anticaking agent is added to the fertilizer based on the specific formula and the desired properties of the finished product. Once the anticaking agent has been added to the fertilizer, it is typically blended with the other ingredients to ensure an even distribution. The finished product is then packaged and shipped to customers for use in agricultural and horticultural applications. 


  • Formation of lumps and cake
  • Difficulty of uniform application
  • Humidity infiltration
  • Early decomposition


  • It is completely water soluble.
  • It doesn’t develop foam.
  • Easy to Use.
  • It is Non toxic & Non hazardous in nature.
  • Very low dosage of Anticaking Agent  is sufficient to keep the product in free flow state.
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