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Property Units Value
Appearance Colourless Oily Liquid
Colour APHA 15 MAX
Purity by GC % 99.5% (min)
Density Kg/m3 982-986
Acidity mg KOH/g 0.01 (max)
Saponification Value/g mg KOH/g 284-290
Flash Point oC 205 (min)
Volume Resistivity ohm.m 1.109 (min)
Mass content of Volatile matter % 0.1
Boiling Point oC 386
Moisture % 0.05 max

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Dioctyl phthalate Uses

Synonym : Diethylhexyl Phthalate
Chemical formula : C24H38O4
H.S. Code : 2917.39.20
CAS No. : 117-81-7
Molecular weight : 390.564 g mol

Packing & Storage:

It is packed in 200/250 kg drum, It is stored in tightly closed container in a cool, dry, ventilated area.

Shelf Life

Original characteristics remain intact for 24 months, if kept in recommended storage.

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