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Dry fertilizers are inherently dusty products. During fertilizer production, storage, transport and use there is often significant generation of dust as particles degrade. Handling and application equipment can cause breakage, while temperature and humidity swings can cause a loss of granule integrity even while fertilizer is in storage. In some cases, imperfect production processes can result in overly fragile fertilizer which tends to partially deteriorate into dust at any given stage in the fertilizer process. OAN offers wide range of Anti-dusting Agent to overcome the problem of dust generation in plants while production & transferring the fertilizers. Not only is there a loss of valuable product as dust drifts away from its intended location, but dust also creates significant air quality issues.  n antidusting agent is a substance that is added to a chemical fertilizer to prevent the formation of dust when the fertilizer is handled or applied. Our  agent works by coating the particles of the fertilizer and binding them together, making them less prone to breakage and less likely to become airborne. This can help to reduce the amount of dust that is created when the fertilizer is handled or applied, which can be beneficial for both environmental and health reasons. 


  • Provide robust, long-lasting dust control
  • Be made of ingredients suitable for safe use in the facilities where they are applied as well as for all downstream uses and applications including agriculture
  • Be relatively easy to apply to dry fertilizer in a typical operation
  • Not undermine the treated fertilizer’s ability to comply with applicable regulatory requirements
  • Have minimal impact on the flowability of the treated fertilizer
  • Not undermine the treated fertilizer’s ability to comply with applicable regulatory requirements.
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