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Defoamer, also known as antifoaming agents, are chemicals that are used to reduce or eliminate foam in industrial processes. In our chemical fertilizer company, defoamers may be used in various stages of production, such as during the mixing and blending of raw materials, the fermentation process, or the application of the finished product.

Oan industries defoamers work by disrupting the surface tension of the foam-forming liquid, causing the bubbles to collapse and preventing the formation of new ones. There are several different types of defoamers available with us, including oil-based defoamers, water-based defoamers, and silicone-based defoamers. The type of defoamer used will depend on the specific application and the properties of the foam-forming liquid. In addition to reducing foam, defoamers can also help to improve the efficiency of production processes by reducing downtime and increasing the yield of the final product. They can also help to improve the quality of the finished product by ensuring that it is free of unwanted foam.

By our company mechanical equipment can be added to plants for this purpose but is capital intensive to install, equally expensive to maintain and provides only a partial solution at best. Process chemical additives such as defoamers have become the universally accepted “best practice” alternative for accelerating the removal of unwanted gases and improving plant performance. Oan industries provide in addition of a defoamer during phosphoric acid production can facilitate higher capacity utilization and optimal output of finished product. An ideal phosphoric acid defoamer not only has the ability to kill the surface foam in the digester but also to reduce entrained CO2 gas bubbles in the slurry. Design and choice of an appropriate defoamer requires an understanding of the characteristics of the phosphate rock, the particular type of phosphoric acid production processes and the intended operating parameters.

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