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One of the major challenges that phosphoric acid producers face in achieving desired plant production rates and efficiencies is identifying the optimal means of removing such gases that are liberated during these production processes. Process chemical additives such as Defoamers/Antifoaming agents have become the universally accepted “best practice” alternative for accelerating the removal of unwanted gases and improving plant performance.

OAN Industries provide a wide range of Defoamers/Antifoaming agents which are most efficient and cost effective. OAN Industries provide Filtration Aid for phosphoric acid plants which helps in improving gypsum slurry filtration and hence increase production rates and recovery. One of the challenges faced by phosphoric acid manufacturers is scale formation. The scale inhibitor designed by OAN Industries is used in inhibiting scaling of impurity in phosphoric acid inside production apparatus and pipeline.

OAN Industries work closely with phosphoric acid plant to overcome the problems faced due to scale formation by providing Scale Inhibitor’s.

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