Neem oil's versatility extends to its application in conjunction with urea fertilizers, creating a potent blend that offers comprehensive benefits to crops and soil health. When combined with urea, Neem oil enhances the efficiency of nitrogen uptake by plants, resulting in improved growth, vigor, and yield.

Neem oil's potent insecticidal properties make it effective against a wide range of pests, including aphids, caterpillars, mites, and beetles, while also acting as a natural fungicide to combat fungal diseases. The synergistic effects of Neem oil and urea go beyond nutrient absorption, as Neem oil's pesticidal properties help protect crops from a range of pests and diseases, ensuring healthier plants throughout the growth cycle.

Additionally, the organic nature of Neem oil contributes to sustainable agriculture practices, reducing reliance on synthetic pesticides and promoting environmental stewardship. By incorporating Neem oil into urea-based fertilizers, farmers can achieve optimal nutrient delivery, pest management, and soil enhancement, leading to enhanced crop quality and productivity.

Explore the transformative potential of Neem oil-enhanced urea fertilizers to cultivate thriving and sustainable agricultural ecosystems.

our varieties of NEEM OIL
OAN NML - For UREA Fertilizer
AppearanceFree flowing Liquid
ColourLight Yellowish to Brown
Density0.90 ± 0.2 gm/cc
Azadirachitin conten>150 ppm
OdourGarlic Repulsive

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