What We are Building

At OAN Industries, we‘re not just creating products – we‘re constructing a legacy of excellence and innovation. Our focus extends beyond manufacturing specialized additives for fertilizer enhancement; we‘re building a culture of collaboration and growth.We‘re dedicated to becoming the go-to resource for specialized additives in agriculture and industrial chemical industries.

Our vision is to develop lasting relationships with our customers, rooted in trust and exceptional service.We‘re committed to sustainability, striving to minimize our environmental impact while maximizing our positive contribution to the planet. Join us as we build a brighter, more sustainable future together.


We help our employees thrive


Advancement Opportunities

Company growth opens doors for career advancement, allowing employees to explore new roles, leadership roles, and specialized projects.


Diversity and Inclusion

Foster an inclusive workplace where diverse perspectives are celebrated, ensuring every voice is heard and valued in a supportive, collaborative environment.


Dynamic Work Environment

Rapid growth fosters dynamism, offering employees constant challenges and opportunities, ideal for those embracing innovation and change.


Learning and Development

Fast-growing firms prioritize employee training for industry advancements, fostering skill development and professional growth..


Impact and Ownership

In a growing company, contributions directly shape success, fostering a sense of ownership, motivation, engagement, and pride.


Balanced Work Life

Enjoy work-life balance through structured work hours, with opportunities for personal growth and time off to recharge within a supportive and dynamic environment.


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