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OAN Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a distinguished manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality fertilizer additives aimed at enhancing the overall quality and effectiveness of fertilizers. Within our Fertilizer Quality Improvement (FQI) portfolio, we offer a comprehensive range of products meticulously crafted to address specific challenges encountered in the fertilizer industry.

Our diverse product lineup includes Anticaking Agents tailored for various grades of fertilizers, Colouring Agents designed to impart vibrant colors to fertilizers both internally and externally, Granulation Aid for enhancing hardness, and Defoamers formulated specifically for complex and phosphatic fertilizers.

Additionally, we provide Antidusting agents to minimize dust formation during fertilizer handling and application processes. At OAN Industries, we take immense pride in our extensive range of products catering to different grades of fertilizers. Our solutions are meticulously developed and rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance, safety, and environmental sustainability.


By partnering with us, you gain access to a wide array of premium-quality fertilizer additives that are designed to optimize crop yield, promote soil health, and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices. Experience the difference with OAN Industries and elevate the quality and efficacy of your fertilizers for improved agricultural outcomes.

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