Anticaking agents play a crucial role in the world of fertilizers, ensuring that Anticaking agents maintain their quality and usability. Anticaking agents are designed to prevent the formation of lumps or clumps in fertilizers, which can occur due to moisture absorption or exposure to humidity.

By incorporating Anticaking agents into fertilizer formulations, manufacturers can enhance product flowability, storage stability, and handling ease for farmers and distributors. Anticaking agents help maintain the free-flowing nature of fertilizers, making them easier to spread evenly across fields during application.

This not only improves the efficiency of fertilizer use but also contributes to better crop yields and overall agricultural productivity. We have a wide range of Anticaking agents for various grades of fertilizers like Granular NPK/DAP, UREA, AS, AN, CAN etc.

We also have Anticaking agents for water soluble fertilizers. Explore the various types and benefits of Anticaking agents for fertilizers to optimize your agricultural practices and promote sustainable farming.

our varieties of ANTICAKING AGENTS
OAN AN 1035 - For Granular Fertilizers
AppearanceBrownish Liquid
Density0.9 ± 0.02gm/cc
SolubilityImmiscible in Water
OdourNo obnoxious odour
OAN WA 6050 - For Granular Fertilizers
AppearanceSemi Solid
ColorLight Yellow to Tan Colour
Flash PointMore than 150 Deg. Celsius
SolubilityImmiscible in water. Soluble in Naphtha, Benzene,Chlorinated Hydrocarbon,Kerosene etc
OAN UA 1050 - For UREA
ColorColourless Clear Liquid
Density1.0 ± 0.1gm/cc
pH6.5 to 8.5
OdourNo obnoxious odour
SolubilityEasily Soluble in Water
OAN 505 - For Water Soluble Fertilizers
CompositionA mixture of surfactants % coating agents
pH7 to 9.5
SolubilityDispersible in water
OAN 507 - For Water Soluble Fertilizers
ColorLight Yellow to Tan Coloured Powder
CompositionA mixture of surfactants % coating agents
pH7 to 9
SolubilityDispersible in water
OAN CLB 8910 - Black Colour
AppearanceFree flowing liquid
ColorBlack Coloured
Density1.0 ± 0.20gm/cc
Flash Point>190 Deg. Celsius
SolubilityInsoluble in water.Soluble in oil.

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