OAN Industries Pvt. Ltd. stands at the forefront as a distinguished manufacturer specializing in a wide spectrum of products catering to diverse industries. With a focus on enhancing fertilizer quality, serving the mining sector, excelling in phosphoric acid divisions, and offering innovative plasticizers, our FQI portfolio showcases a range of solutions.

From Anticaking Agents to Colouring Agents for various grades of fertilizers, Neem Oil for slow release of nitrogen for UREA, Granulation Aids optimizing hardness, and Defoamers tailored for phosphatic fertilizers/phosphoric acid plants, our offerings are meticulously crafted for efficacy and economy.

In the realm of mining, our additives such as Froth Flotation aids, Collectors, and Defoamers underscore our commitment to operational excellence. Our latest formulations embody cutting-edge technology, ensuring ease of use, safety, and environmental sustainability.


Renowned across the globe for our superior fertilizer quality improvement chemicals and specialized offerings, we boast the largest manufacturing capacity, backed by robust research and development.

OAN Industries proudly presents tailor-made solutions, crafted with precision to address fertilizer quality challenges, mining industry requirements, and phosphoric acid division needs. Our products epitomize efficiency, economy, user-friendliness, and environmental stewardship, promising a risk-free and health-conscious experience for all users and operators alike.

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