Colouring agents are instrumental in the world of fertilizers, adding a visual dimension that goes beyond mere identification. Colouring agents are carefully selected and formulated to impart distinct colours to fertilizers, serving multiple purposes across the agricultural landscape.

Firstly, colouring agents aid in product differentiation, allowing farmers and distributors to easily distinguish between different types and grades of fertilizers based on their coluor codes. This streamlined identification process enhances operational efficiency and reduces the risk of application errors.

Additionally, Colouring agents contribute to branding and marketing efforts, helping companies establish a recognisable identity for their fertilizer products. Moreover, Colouring agents play a crucial role in application monitoring, enabling farmers to track the evenness and coverage of fertilizer spread, leading to optimised nutrient uptake by crops.

By incorporating Colouring agents into fertilizer formulations, manufacturers not only enhance product visibility but also promote effective and sustainable agricultural practices. OAN Industries provides tailor made solutions to colour the fertilizers from Inside as well as outside.

We also produce Colouring agents for water soluble fertilizers.Explore the diverse range of Colouring agents available for fertilizers to elevate your agricultural operations and maximize crop yields.

our varieties of COLOURING AGENTS
OAN CLB (L) - Black body colouring agent - For Granules Fertilizer
AppearanceDark Black Coloured Viscous Liquid
Density1.02 ± 0,25gm/cc
SolubilityDispersible in water
OAN CLB (P) - Black body colouring agent - For Granules Fertilizer
AppearanceDark Black Coloured Powder
SolubilityDispersible in water
OAN CLP 1078 - Pink body Colouring Agent - For Granular Fertilizers
AppearancePink Coloured Liquid
Density1.03 ± 0.02gm/cc
Viscosity25 CST (at 22-27 degree celcius)
OAN CLP - Pink Colouring Agent - For Water Soluble Fertilizers
AppearancePink Coloured Powder
Bulk Density0.4 - 0.6 gm/cc
pHApprox 6-8
SolubilityDispersible in water

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