Granulation aid is an essential additives used in the production of granular fertilizers to enhance their physical properties, including crushing strength & granular size also helps in reduction of dust & fines. The crushing strength of granular fertilizers refers to their ability to withstand external pressure or mechanical forces without breaking or crumbling.

This property is crucial for ensuring that fertilizers maintain their structural integrity during handling, storage, and application, leading to improved product quality and performance in agricultural practices.Granulation aids play a significant role in improving the crushing strength of granular fertilizers by promoting strong interparticle bonding within the granules. Granulation aids act as binding agents, facilitating the formation of cohesive and robust granules during the granulation process.

By enhancing the adhesion between fertilizer particles, Granulation aids help prevent granule disintegration, breakage, or powdering, even under stress or compression.The incorporation of effective Granulation aids not only improves the physical durability of fertilizers but also reduces issues such as dust formation, which can affect product quality and usability. Strong and durable granules with enhanced crushing strength are easier to handle, transport, and apply, resulting in more uniform nutrient distribution and improved crop uptake.Explore the wide range of Granulation aids available to optimize the crushing strength and overall performance of your granular fertilizer products, ensuring efficient nutrient delivery and better crop yields.

our varieties of GRANULATION AID
OAN GA 2550 - For Granular Fertilizers
AppearanceTransparent clear to slight yellowish coloured free flowing liquid
pH< 3
SolubilitySoluble in water
PumpabilityEasily pumpable without any problem
Specific Gravity1.0 ± 0,2
OdourNo Unpleasant smell
OAN GU 3075 - For UREA
ColourColourless to slight yellow
Density1.1 ± 0.2 gm/cc
SolubilitySoluble in water
OdourNo Unpleasant smell

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