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Flocculants are chemicals that are used to promote the aggregation of small particles into larger flocs in aqueous systems. In our chemical fertilizer company, flocculants may be used to clarify and purify raw materials or the finished product, to remove impurities or excess water, or to improve the stability and storage of the fertilizer.

Flocculants work by increasing the electrical charge on the surface of the particles, causing them to become attracted to each other and to form larger, more visible aggregates or “flocs.” These flocs can then be more easily separated from the surrounding liquid by sedimentation, filtration, or other separation techniques.

Oan industries provide several different types of flocculants available, including cationic, anionic, and non-ionic flocculants. The specific type of flocculant used will depend on the properties of the particles being treated and the desired end result. In addition to improving the clarity and purity of the fertilizer, the use of flocculants can also help to improve the efficiency of production processes and reduce the environmental impact of the chemical fertilizer company.

  1. OAN INDUSTRY is specialize in the supply and distribution of flocculants may offer a range of different products for different applications and industries.

  2. Our Industry that sell flocculants also offer consulting and technical support services to help customers select the most appropriate product for their needs and optimize its use.

  3. Our Company that sell flocculants may also provide equipment and systems for accurately dosing and applying the chemical to the process stream.

  4. Our company also offer laboratory testing and analysis services to help customers determine the effectiveness of different flocculants and identify the optimal dosage for a given application.

  5. Our Company also offer maintenance and repair services for flocculant application and dosing equipment to ensure that it is operating properly and efficiently.

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