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Most minerals exhibit an optimum pH range for a given collector. While some minerals can often be
floated at the natural pH of the ores, in most cases the pH has to be adjusted for maximum recovery
and selectivity. pH modifiers cause the gangue particle to levitate less using their pH difference.
OAN tailor made pH modifiers increases the efficiency of the flotation process by facilitating
optimum zeta potential, and creating ideal conditions for collector function and mineral
separation. They sequester soluble divalent ions which could potentially increase flotation
collector usage and decrease collector efficiency, and they also help reduce the negative impact
of water quality on reagent consumption. Our proprietary surfactants clean and prepare the
mineral surface for efficient collector performance, and our pH modifiers selectively inhibit the
interaction of gangue minerals with the


  • Better mineral conditioning and surface preparation.
  • Improved flotation performance.
  • Enhanced flotation kinetics.
  • Improved flotation selectivity.
  • Increased grade and recovery.
  • Improved rock concentrate.
  • Better cost performance.
  • Easy handling and dosing

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