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Di Octyl Maleate (DOM) is a diester of maleic acid that can as a plasticizer and emollient. It is a clear, virtually colorless liquid with an ester-like odor. It is used in resins to provide elasticity and flexibility. Di Octyl Maleate is a maleic acid that can act as a plasticizer and is used in resins to provide elasticity and flexibility. Dioctyl Maleate is a co-monomer which can be polymerized with vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride (PVC), acrylates as well as stearates. These types of polymerizations with dioctyl maleate can be used in the production of adhesives, emulsion paints, surfactants, textile coatings and wetting agents.

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Dioctyl Maleate

Dioctyl Maleate (DOM) is a widely used chemical intermediate and building block for several chemical production processes. Besides its application in chemical synthesis a major field of application for DOM is within the coatings industry. Furthermore, DOM is used as an phthalate-free alternative to common phthalate based plasticizers like DOP.


Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate

A surface-active agent